The Unknown Team ~ Tully Woodard

unknownteamToday’s Featured Photograph stems from the mystery around what I have for some 15 years or more called The Unknown Team. This is a photograph that I dug out of a closet of my grandmother’s, Novaline Davidson Blackford. They’d belonged to her mother, Cleo Woodard Davidson.

I remember the day clearly, as it was a huge surprise to discover these old photographs and newspaper clippings in a cardboard box on the floor of a a random hall closet. It seemed my grandmother and great grandmother shared a penchant for saving odd little tidbits. In between horoscopes from the 1980s clipped from the local newspaper and myriad birthday cards from the 1950s and 60s were clippings of marriage notices and a huge pile of old photographs ranging from (I’m somewhat guessing) 1890-1930. Completely unorganized and wretchedly labeled for the most part. This one stood out, though, as America’s pastime and a glimpse at a man long passed.

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