Somewhere in those three statements lies the reason you’re here. You’re hungry for more—more data, more history, more understanding, more answers.

So am I!

My name is Jennifer McKemie and when I was an awkward little girl, an almost-teen both contrary and creative, my most clever, most amazing, most inspired grandmother took me on a lil trip. We toured old family homesteads, churches, graveyards—And I saw MY name, my very own surname, plastered on signs, on bridges, on headstones, on dilapidated old, forgotten gas stations. As an only child with an unusual name, this, quite simply, blew my mind. A fascination took root then that has never faded.

You have a similar anecdote and that’s why you’re here. I’m so happy we found each other!

I believe family history is meant to be shared. We may not be able to sit around the dinner table and swap stories about way back when, but this blog is the next best thing.ThePurpose of the Blog

You will find here a blending of my most enthusiastic interests: family history, technology, writing.

This blog is for chatting around the family dinner table, sharing family legends around the campfire, passing on sage advice and celebrating accomplishments.

This blog is for remembering our ancestors with clarity or confusion, but always with respect and affectionate curiosity.

For more specifics, check out my surname list and explore a little. You’ll discover more about the sort of woman I am and the intentions of this blog for yourself, more than I can convey with words here.

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